This year, Fate Foundation is sponsoring a panel discussion in Yoruba language titled, Yoruba: Linguistic Vehicle or Value System. The main thrust of this 90-minute panel will be to evaluate what comes to mind when the word ‘Yoruba’ is referenced. For many, Yoruba is just a language. However, others will argue that this is the narrowest connotation of the word. From everything history teaches us about the cultural practices, the philosophies, the traditional religious practices, and the worldview, the Yoruba people have an established value system, an ethos, a code. Bearing this in mind, this panel will explore this meaning of ‘Yoruba’ in the modern-day, to determine if a shift in the connotation of the word has occurred. Is enough being done to ensure that young Yoruba imbibe the codes and value system? Is it transferable? Is this value system still of relevance in a global village? Possible Solutions on better defining the essence of the Yoruba people will be proffered.

The Moderator for this panel is Kọlá Túbọsún, a Nigerian linguist, writer, scholar and cultural activist whose work and influence span the fields of education, technology, literature, journalism, and linguistics. He is a Fulbright Fellow (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville,2009) and recipient of the 2016 Premio Ostana for Writings in the Mother Tongue for his work in language advocacy. He writes in Yoruba and English.