The Thousand Sparkles on Your Stomach

Olukayode asks how the world sinks into the sea
When he sees the sun drawn like a magnet into the waters’ bowel
Beyond the farthest holds of our eyes
He looks with wonder when under the day’s burning watch
We come to offer our troubles to the ease of the waves

We see a thousand snakes clad in sun-sparkled jewels
Wriggling to the wind’s beats as they wave to bystanders from the bridge
The seabed holds histories of lost bones
And the stories of millions whose wings failed in midflight and nourished
the concrete floors in crimson rivers
Or were simply pulled to closure
By mermaids seeking sacrifices of depressed souls
Plunging every season to become seafood

The old seers deliver a different message
Gazing through crystal balls, flipping cowries and seashells
Inscribed, they say, with notes from the deepest parts
Where truth is a mixture of belief and what nonsense books proclaim

The crystal balls witness the advent of stories
The memory of souls who wrestle the dogs at Hades’ gates
Fight Poseidon and leap in snaky sparkles wearing jewels stolen
As they rode off on seahorses, gifts for Aôndo or Helios – whoever
answers first

Praying for a peace that the earth’s hold denied them
Seeking to be found worthy of time’s embrace

Olukayode asks how the world sinks into the sea
Then wonders if the seas spit out the earth.