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Black Skeletons

segregated. punctuated & separated. shelved in columns and deathly rows skeletons lay bare on a white page bound together - ...
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You Are Your Mother’s Daughter

When death becomes the first breath you breathe at birth, when your throat becomes familiar with its stings when death ...
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Ode on a Rocky Homeland

No one comes from where I come from No soul one single season on the soil survives And stays soft ...
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A Queen’s Gratitude

If I rise up as many times, and always once more, Than I fall under life’s dizzying battles; If I ...
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50 grams cocoa powder 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 225 grams plain flour ½ a teaspoon baking powder When we think ...
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IF ÒGÚN WERE HERE… (For Wole Soyinka)

A dystopian fuzz sprinkles an enticing scent, the kind that makes bedlam almost palatable. But still we sing, march, hoping ...
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