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Turing Test

There is no solution to this Problem of the other mind Harboured in my bedmate’s body: After 35 years of ...
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The True Colour of Sand

Is  neither dull-yellow Nor dull-grey; rather Every  grain has The bright colour of a Rare gem, which You can see ...
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The Meaning of Evolution

More advanced in evolution Than their human masters are chickens As they outnumber the stars in the whole Universe, and ...
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Just After Election

The morning After his inauguration His Excellency could not Wake up from sleep He was later pronounced "dead" 'But he ...
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Little Boy Selling Ice Cream (After a little boy selling ice cream at University of Ibadan gate)

Little boy selling ice cream do you see them? Those who zoom past in tinted convoys... Do you look at ...
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Three Haikus for Dear Son

I Son, even Rome fell by the conspiracy of compatriots II Bridle your tongue, son for your cheeks have ears ...
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