Pan-Africanism, a Fantasy?

Historically, Pan-Africanism is the understanding that Africans face common problems such as enslavement, racism, etc and as part of solution to this problem it is necessary to unite and fight as one. It is a concept which is concerned with the liberation of Africa and Africans.

Seada Nourhussen begins with what her idea of Pan-Africanism is —taking into account our different struggles, understanding one another and building from there as a people.

Hakim Adi shares how Pan-Africanism is the recognition of uniting to advance people’s interest and their struggles to foster true liberation.
He also stressed empowerment for Africans by Africans to create a working system for the common goal.

Seada Nourhussen shared the importance of the representation of Africa by Africans, seeing how our stories have been distorted by the narrative lens of other non-Africans.

The moderator, Joseph Ike, continued by asking the panelist their views on economic liberation of people of African descent. On this note, Seada Nourhussen pointed out the difficulty in achieving economic independence. Hakim Adi stressed the importance of Africans having the capacity to achieve economic liberation, once we can find alternative means of providing financial resources to fund these projects. He also spoke on the effect of the continental organisation on the continent, its limitations and how we can strengthen this continental organisation

In conclusion, it was agreed that the critical mass needs to unite and become more actively involved in developing the African Nation.