Birthday Elegy

Birthday Elegy (For the families of ET 302 victims)     1. & what poem shall we give to comfort the girl by the windowsill awaiting


Preferred     It is a preference, My preference, To keep my sides shaved close, And my high top high, When stepping fresh out of the


 Prozac   The wave of nausea pushes her forward, further into the toilet bowl. The yellow bile with the crumbly white powder from the Prozac


Besties   My childhood best friend was fat. She was also light-skinned. So, she was fat, But beautiful. I was dark-skinned. That was it.


Absent   My friend’s father is a dead soldier. By dead I mean, he blinks, he breathes and shifts between spaces Every now and then but

The Mayor sings for himself

The Mayor sings for himself     (i) I am the man who Kan Father, son and lover The one they call Mayor (ii) They call me father I see

Anatomy of Silence

Anatomy of Silence   What do I accept from this silence, this silence that lacerates peace, this silence, anathema to bliss, this silence,