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Amyn is a Beyoncé fan, copy editor, and community manager, in that exact order. She also thinks reading fiction for pleasure is one of the best ways to de-stress.

In 2020, she launched The Something Bookish Podcast, a show where she hosts unfiltered conversations with herself or a guest about all things related to books and reading. She is also the co-host of The Litty Podcast, a show devoted to alcohol-infused bibliotherapy and the magical power of reading fiction.

Through her blog, Instagram, Twitter, and her book club, The Indulgent Bibliophile, she has been able to build a community of readers who are more intentional about their reading choices and enjoy traveling the world through books.

Amyn aspires to a soft life where she can read books uninterrupted, drink wine that never runs out, and host themed brunches but somehow keeps getting pressured into doing more sh*t that gets in the way of her living the soft life.

If you ever meet her in person, remember that she has an exploitable weakness for chicken wings and cold beer.

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