Bookchat: Nik Mhlongo’s Soweto under the Apricot Tree and Peter Kimani’s Dance of the Jakaranda

My reading of African Literature especially on colonisation which was a very painful period made me want to tell such stories in new ways different from the older generation of Chinua Achebe and Wole Soyinka. Humour is a trope to survive humanity – Peter Kimani on  Dance of the Jakaranda

Humour is utilized but also I looked at a racial group outside my own. African writers have been writing a specific way. Inhabiting a race outside of my own was a challenge I put myself to – Peter Kimani

I wanted to re-imagine history in my book and wanted my readers to have the freedom to do the same – Peter Kimani


Writing about those hard politics, I felt it was important to use energized language. It was part of my research. It’s not new but it’s an interesting kind of politics – Niq Mhlongo on Soweto Under The Apricot Tree