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After the first edition of Ake in 2013, when a co-publication effort went wrong, it became urgent to start a literary journal that gave the festival more control over the cover, the choice of editor and the overall look and feel.

Over the years, Ake Festival guests have been very generous. We often do a little whoop of joy in the office when we get Guests’ answers to the 10 Questions section. Every year, we ask our guests to answer the same 10 questions for their page in Ake Review, which we make brighten up with their book covers and photos.

Our secret weapon is definitely Molara Wood. She has edited the last four editions, and she does it with love and enthusiasm. She cares about the contributors and gets very excited about new talent. Long may we have her!

Ake Review 2020 . Vol 7

Ake Review 2017 . Vol 4

Ake Review 2014 . Vol 1

Ake Review 2019 . Vol 6

Ake Review 2016 . Vol 3

Ake Review 2018 . Vol 5

Ake Review 2015 . Vol 2