Tales of the Accidental city is a 3-part audio drama that tells the story of four Nairobi residents stuck together in an anger management class. With the help of their quirky counsellor, they must all figure out how to deal with the wounds inflicted on them by the city. Written and directed by Maïmouna Jallow, it is a funny and poignant play about love, loss and courage.

Episode 1: The Devil is in the Detail

Jacinda, a feisty domestic worker and entrepreneur, re-counts how her husband’s philandering ways land her in Counsellor Rose’s anger management class.

Episode 2: Maize and Beans

New to Nairobi, the city forces Diana to face her biggest fears. Meanwhile, Jacinda pushes Louis, the former spokesman for the Nairobi City Council, to take a good look at his privilege.

Episode 3: This City Will Swallow Up

As tensions between Jacinda and Louis threaten to spill into a full-blown fight, Sarah Obama, the youngest member in the class, shares her sobering perspective.