The Goethe Institut, Lagos invites you to its first Literary Crossroads of the year this Saturday, January 21st by 12pm. This session will feature Indra Wussow who will be speaking on the reception of African Literature in the German-Speaking world and the Residency she offers in Germany.

Goethe-Institut in Lagos and Yaounde in collaboration with Saraba Magazine and Bakwa Magazine invites applications for participation in a mentored series of exchanges and workshops on creative non-fiction.

Though Cameroon and Nigeria are neighbors and share a lot of similar cultural values, this potential has not been exploited for the collaborative knowledge and advancement of either country. Consequently, though they share a border, they know little or nothing about each other and hardly engage in literary collaborations that could benefit both countries.

The workshop will feature different stages of exchange in both Cameroon and Nigeria at no expense to the applicant.

aKoma Media is pleased to announce an exciting opportunity for those attending the Ake Arts and Book Festival in Nigeria.

With the enormous range of books and overall artistic talent to be showcased at the festival, we want to encourage attendees to tell us, and the world, about it on our open source platform

We have established two prizes, worth 20,000 NGN each, for the best two stories on our platform that review the individual festival events. Winners will be able to purchase books from the festival for the equivalent amount of prize money.

Co-Founder & CEO of aKoma Media, Zain Verjee says "The aim of the prizes is to encourage storytelling about African writers and talent, increase understanding of modern day Africa and expand the current narrative of the continent. Today Africa is often understood and narrated as a 'single' story, focusing on poverty, disease, drought, and war. The Ake Festival demonstrates there are much richer stories to be told about Africa and aKoma wants to empower individuals to tell them in their own voices".

Ake Festival Book Store
With a fantastic array of books at affordable prices, our bookstore caters to the needs of guests, visitors, book-buyers, retailers, school goers, university students, book-lovers and the general public. Because of our partnerships with local and international publishing houses, our prices are very competitive and you’ll find books that cut across genres, themes and subject matter. We stock books authored by all our guests who are more than happy to sign them.

Book Chats
Ake Festival Book Chats are incredibly popular. Here, visitors enjoy an intimate one-hour session with two accomplished authors who discuss theme, technique, plot, character and style in their work. Book chats are hosted by enthusiastic book-lovers and all books featured are available for purchase after each event. 

Panel Discussions
Ake Festival has become famous for its stimulating panel discussions. Sixty to ninety minutes long, each panel features three guests and a moderator. At our panel discussions, nothing is off-limits. We pursue the unsayable with gusto and aim to leave no stone unturned in exploring issues pertaining to Africa. Our enthusiasm about literature means we also have panels that bring creatives together by genre or subject matter. We encourage audience participation so we dedicate a good part of the discussion to Q and A.

Drama at Ake
As usual, Friday night is for when the public get to watch an outstanding stage production which showcases the best of Nigerian/ African talent. If you are not a registered Ake Festival visitor, you will have to book tickets for this event.

Musical Concert
This year, visitors at Ake Festival will be able to watch an acoustic musical concert, featuring two contemporary stars and the most accomplished folk music group in Nigeria today. If you are not a registered Ake Festival visitor, you will have to book tickets for this event.

Films/ Documentaries
In additional to screening a range of new documentaries and films, for the first time, Ake Festival will feature a ‘Short Film Festival’ which will feature short films by three of the country’s finest young directors.

This year, our workshops range from one to three days long. Our facilitators are experts in their fields and our workshops are heavily-subsidised. This year, we will have workshops in graphic novels, script-writing and fiction-writing.

Poetry and Palmwine Evening
The Palmwine and Poetry Evening features readings by Nigerian and international poets. This year, we have two Nigerian poets and four international poets doing short readings form their work.

Art Exhibition
Every year, we have two exhibitions - a photography exhibition and an art exhibition. This year, we have two exciting yet very different artists. One of them has received high praise in the New York Times and the other has just enjoyed a life-changing collaboration with Beyonce.

Project Inspire!
The first two days of the festival are devoted to Project Inspire!, which features international and Nigerian authors, visiting schools in and around Ogun State. Whilst they are there, they read to pupils, discuss the advantages of reading and take questions about their careers and their books.

Literary Crossroads is a new series of talks where Nigerian writers meet colleagues from all over the world and from the African diaspora to discuss trends, topics and themes prevalent in their literature today and the future. The first session in 2016 features the Nigerian diplomat and writer Ifeoma Akabogu-Chinwuba.

Call For Participation (ATTENTION: Short deadline!!!)

Literary Crossroads is a new series of talks where African writers meet colleagues from all over the continent and from the African diaspora to discuss trends, topics and themes prevalent in their literatures today.

In an effort to raise awareness on our new program “Literary Crossroads”. The Goethe-Institut is organizing a one-day workshop on creative writing. The theme of the workshop is Future and our imagination of the Future. The workshop will be taking place on Tuesday, 3rd May2016.

Hundred years after the northern and southern Nigerian protectorates was amalgamated into a single British colony, the remarkable diversity of the country remains apparent. In 2016, Invisible Borders will aim to map this diversity through a road trip across Nigeria; hoping, as a result, to underscore the borders that are both inscribed and elusive within the country. 

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